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Candida albicans growing on Sabouraud agar

Candida albicans growing on Sabouraud agar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we scoured Blekko to see what people were discussing about candida yeast infections


Will yogurt cure a yeast infection if I put it inside – Check Up


What most people do not realize is that HPV usually has no signs or symptoms, so those who are infected may not know that they have it and may not realize that they are passing it on. Vaginal yeast infections are very common, and many women might be affected by them once or twice per year.


The New York Times – Blood – Health


Yeast germ infection in blood of L Konnel proves fatal, NYC. YEAST GERMS IN HIS BLOOD. Fatal Infection Entered a Chicagoan’s System Through Lesion in the Skin. December 05, 1907, Thursday. WATCHES HIS BLOOD SAVE DYING WIFE.

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