Don’t Let A Yeast Infection Get You Down. Use This Advice

Almost every woman, at one time or another, has had to deal with a yeast infection. You may have had one yourself. Whether or not you have ever had a yeast infection, it is important for you to know the symptoms, as well as to know some ways of dealing with this uncomfortable condition. Here are some effective techniques for dealing with yeast infections.

Wear clean clothes at all times, especially after strenuous activity. This can help you reduce the moisture on your body, which can prevent yeast infections.

When you get yeast infections, it is a good idea to see your doctor. If you disregard an infection, it will get worse and make you very uncomfortable.

Avoid any scented or caustic hygiene products. A lot of women use body wash and douches when washing their vaginal area. These things can cause vaginal irritation and can affect the natural lubrication of the area. The ensuing irritation leaves you susceptible to developing a yeast infection. If necessary, stick with light soaps intended for use in sensitive areas.

Perfumes are very bad for your vaginal area. Scented products, including sprays and soaps, can induce irritation and boost the odds of incurring a yeast infection. Scented tampons are something you are going to want to avoid all together. Stay away from toilet paper with dyes, as well.

Cotton underwear is the best option when you have a yeast infection. Anything made of silk might feel good and look great, but you might pay for it later.

If you tend to get yeast infections, you want to stay away from wearing decorative underwear. Traditional cotton panties mean dryness, while nylon and lace retain moisture. Moisture provides a friendly breeding ground that yeast thrives in, so stock with the comfortable cotton underwear.

Immune System

Get plenty of rest. Your immune system is the largest defense against any yeast infections. However, if you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system could take a hit, which will increase your odds of getting infections, including yeast infections. Try to have a regular sleeping schedule, and avoid exercising or drinking caffeine before bedtime to get some quality sleep.

Things that are scented or caustic should be avoided. Douches and body scrubs should not be used.

Cotton underwear is great for preventing yeast infections. Synthetic fabrics can hold in heat and moisture, making it a perfect environment for yeast to grow. Natural fabrics which are changed frequently are best. By staying dry, you are more likely to remain healthy and infection-free.

Pants that are tight fitting should be avoided. Skinny jeans may be in, but they don’t give your genital area room to breathe. Yeast infections develop in warm, moist environments with little circulation. Opt for light and airy pants instead.

Yeast infections are contagious. If you are suffering from a yeast infection, avoid sex while you have an infection and one week after it is cured. If you are infected in your mouth, don’t kiss anybody and make sure to wash dishes carefully.

Acidophillis is highly beneficial. This can be found in yogurt and can help fight off a yeast infection.

It may be surprising, but oral yeast infections are pretty common. If you think you see symptoms, consult with your physician immediately. To soothe symptoms, some home remedies include rinsing the mouth with warm, salty water or sipping cool liquids.

Drink a lot of water. Drinking water is a great way to keep your body hydrated so that it can adequately fight infections. Another advantage is that it can flush out sugar. An excessive amount of sugar can encourage yeast growth. If you have a yeast infection, drink lots of water. This makes recovery quite a bit faster.

Try to wear underwear all the time if you get recurrent yeast infections. Cotton-crotch undergarments help to wick away moisture and keep the area drier. If you want to go without underwear, consider using a powder or spray on that area.

Practice proper hygiene to reduce the bacteria on your skin in an effort to fight yeast infections. Gently wash the entire genital area very well, and make sure all the folds of skin are cleansed.

Drink a lot of water. It is recommended that you drink around eight full glasses of water each day, but when you have a yeast infection, you should drink more. Drinking more results in more frequent urination. Urination is a natural way to flush away sugar in the body and prevent it from becoming a meal for yeast.

Scented Products

Do not use any scented products in proximity with your vagina. While you may like the nice scents many products offer, using these scented products increases your risk of getting a yeast infection. Stick with unscented products for the best possible results on your infection.

Apple cider vinegar has been purported to cure yeast infections. Dilute the vinegar with water first, then gently apply it to the vaginal area.

If yeast infections are a recurring problem for you and are unrelated to your use of antibiotics, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor. Chronic yeast infections can be a sign of serious underlying medical problems that may require special treatment.

You can get rid of that nasty yeast infection now that you have educated yourself. The more you know about yeast infections, the better able you will be to avoid them in the future.

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