Expert Answers You Need To Know About Yeast Infections

Women are prone to certain health conditions. Yeast infections are one of them and if you’ve had one, you should know how irritating they can be. Keep reading for tips on how to deal with a yeast infection.

After high-energy activities, change your clothes. This can be beneficial when it comes to preventing yeast infections, because you don’t trap heat and moisture against your skin.

Always buy panties made of cotton. Silky undergarments may appeal to you, but they can lead to problems.

Whenever possible, wear panties made from cotton. You may enjoy the look of synthetic fibers, but they may cause you discomfort down the road. Cotton underwear allows your skin to breathe and absorbs moisture. Doing this should keep yeast infections from flourishing.

Do not douche. This is actually counter-productive. Your body naturally keeps itself in balance. Yeast overgrows when balance is off. A bit of soap is all you need to stay clean.

Yeast Infections

Keep away from scented products around your vagina. Anything from sprays to soaps to scented pads can cause a yeast infection.

Acidophilis is great for yeast infections. This naturally occurring live culture can prevent and slow yeast infections. When you are at the market shopping for yogurt, be sure that you select the kind that is sugar-free. Sugar feeds yeast, so consuming live-culture yogurts that contain sugar would be counterproductive.

Never use scented products near the vagina. Scented products can increase your risk of having a yeast infection. It is imperative that you never used scented sanitary pads or tampons. Do not use toilet paper that is colored or scented.

When using creams to treat a yeast infections, avoid using diaphragms or condoms. The cream has the potential of interfering with these birth control devices. You should not have sex until your infection is cured. If you still want to have sex, you should talk to your doctor about using an alternative method of birth control.

Yeast Infections

Think about eating more yogurt if you have a lot of trouble with yeast infections. Yogurt consists of healthy probiotics which can aid your body in fighting imbalances, producing a healthier internal environment for the vagina. Improve your overall health and reduce your risk of yeast infections by eating a daily cup of yogurt.

Yeast is no match against tea tree oil. Mix a few drops of this oil with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond, and gently apply it to the vaginal area. Do not apply tea tree oil straight out of the bottle. If it is not mixed with a carrier oil, it can cause painful burning. This can help reduce the amount of bacteria both internally and externally.

Examine your eating habits if you seem to be prone to yeast infections. Sugar, in particular, encourages the growth of yeast.

Eat a lot of yogurt if you want to stop yeast infections. The healthy bacteria within yogurt helps to kill the organisms that cause the infection. While yogurt is good at preventing a yeast infection, it is not a treatment for a current infection.

Probitics are strongly recommended if you suffer from recurrent yeast infections. For instance, the acidophilus bacteria, which can be found in plain yogurt, is a very efficient probiotic that will strengthen your vaginal flora. You can also buy probiotics in a powder or capsule form.

Douching is a common trigger for yeast infections. While a lot of women think douching cleanses the body, in actuality it does the very opposite. Douching can interfere with your body’s pH balance. With this out of whack, it can make you susceptible to infections.

Stay away from hygiene products that are scented. The chemicals used to give these products its scent can disrupt the pH balance of your vagina.

Being a woman is sometimes difficult, especially when you have to deal with annoying yeast infections. It’s best to take preventative measures so that you don’t have to experience a yeast infection. But if you end up with one, look to the tips in this article to help.

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