Have A Yeast Infection? What You Can Do

Most women will have at least one yeast infection in their lifetime. It’s good to know what your options are if you ever get one. This article will give you the information you need to know about yeast infections.

Once you have finished a session in a pool or sauna, take off any clothing you were wearing right away. Wetness allows yeast to thrive. After shedding the damp clothing, dry off completely before getting dressed again.

After you come out of a pool, shed your wet clothing and dry off immediately. Wearing moist clothing will encourage the growth of yeast.

Stress is something you should avoid if you can to avoid getting a yeast infection. Stress can limit the effectiveness of your immune system, which plays a very large part in keeping you healthy and preventing infections during the course of the day.

Yeast Infection

See the doctor immediately if you think you’re suffering from a yeast infection. You do not want your infection to grow worse, and a doctor can help you figure out how you got your yeast infection, and how to get rid of it.

Yeast infections are painful; consider taking aspirin or ibuprofen for some symptom relief. These pain relievers will reduce the daily discomfort that you are experiencing.

Do not put any scented product in the area of your vagina. Scented sprays and soaps can be irritating, increasing the chance of a yeast infection. Scented tampons and pads are the worst culprit. Avoid using colored toilet paper, too.

Bathe in a solution of warm bath water and a cup or two of cider vinegar. Vinegar will help to balance out your natural pH level and diminish the growth of the yeast. Do not stay in the bath too long though. Just add in around three tablespoons of vinegar for every quart of water and you should be fine.

Yeast Infections

Bubble baths are a poor idea if you desire to stop recurrent yeast infections. Yeast thrives in these products and can increase your odds of getting a yeast infection. Also avoid using scented sanitary napkins or tampons because they can cause yeast infections in the vaginal area.

You can use some tea tree oil to treat your yeast infection. Mix this oil with some sweet almond oil and apply it to your vagina. Do not apply the tea tree oil to the area before you mix it with another product to prevent it from burning the area. This is very effective in fighting yeast infections and restoring balance.

Don’t use anything that is scented. A lot of women use body wash and douches when washing their vaginal area.

Are you getting enough sleep at night? Sleep helps to improve the effectiveness of your immune system. However, if you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system could take a hit, which will increase your odds of getting infections, including yeast infections. Therefore, your sleep schedule should be regular, and you should get enough quality sleep by avoiding caffeinated drinks right before bedtime.

Nobody really likes to discuss yeast infections, but in the unfortunate situation that you find yourself with one, you must know what you should do to treat it. Be sure to try these tips to prevent or treat possible yeast infections that come your way.

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