How To Prevent And Conquer Yeast Infections

Many people have yeast infections. Having the right information can really make a difference in avoiding them altogether. The following article gives you helpful information you can use.

Stress is one factor that can cause yeast infections. High stress levels can limit your immune system’s strength and that plays a big part in preventing infections and keeping you healthy.

A doctor’s appointment should be scheduled if you feel that a yeast infection is developing. Your best course of action is to seek treatment sooner rather than later.

Yeast Infections

If you’re prone to getting yeast infections, you might want to reassess your bath products. Try not to use hygiene products that contain fragrance and dye. Such products can have a negative effect of the vagina’s natural chemistry and pH levels, giving yeast infections a place to develop. Try using only hypoallergenic products instead of these highly perfumed ones.

Lactobacilius acidophilis is your friend. This ingredient is found in certain yogurts, and it can help stop infectious growths.

Make sure you always wear natural cotton panties. While underwear or tights made from silky nylon or polyester look and feel good, they tend to trap moisture. The cotton underwear lets air circulate around your vagina. These can prevent yeast from growing at all.

Do not use douche bags. Although you might think you are doing good to clean the area, in actuality the body has its own way to control this issue and keep it in balance. When you disrupt that balance with outside materials, a yeast infection is more likely to happen. Cleaning with water and basic soap should do the job.

Perfumes are very bad for your vaginal area. Scented sprays and soaps can be irritating, increasing the chance of a yeast infection. Scented tampons and pads are the worst culprit. Avoid the dyes present in colored toiletry paper.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A warm bath before bed with two cups of apple cider vinegar in it could help. Vinegar can balance your natural pH levels and hinder yeast growth. Don’t soak for longer that you usually do. You could also try a douche with 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and one quart water if you prefer that.

Try eating yogurt and garlic to help with your yeast infection. Garlic can not only help slow down yeast growth, but it can prevent it all together. You may want to purchase some garlic supplements from a pharmacy or a heath food store. In general, it is best to opt for deodorized garlic supplements. Furthermore, consuming two full cups of live culture, sugar-free yogurt each day should help to prevent yeast infections, as well as treat existing infections.

Garlic and yogurt are a yeast infections worst nightmare. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal, so it can be used to both prevent and treat yeast infections.

The discomfort and pain is something that many women know all too well. Everyone is different, and there are a variety of ways of dealing with yeast infections that will suit each individual’s situation. Use the advice shared here to win the battle against these infections.

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