Treat And Prevent Yeast Infections With These Valuable Tips

Treat And Prevent Yeast Infections With These Valuable Tips

Yeast infections are probably something that you don’t like to think about, but they do exist. It’s possible that you’re reading this article because you have a yeast infection. Maybe you have suffered from one before and want to prevent future yeast infections. Or, maybe you want to ensure that you don’t get one. Whatever your case, the tips in this article can help you be ready for a yeast-free future.

Choosing clothing made of natural fibers is one of the best ways to lower your chances of getting a yeast infection. Cotton absorbs moisture, so it is a great example of natural material. Nylon holds the moisture there instead.

Once you’ve dealt with yeast infection more than once, take a look at your eating habits as they may be the cause. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates and sugar offer perfect conditions for yeast to grow. If you suffer from yeast infections, change your snacks to naturally sweet fruits along with crunchy nuts and vegetables.

Tip: To avoid yeast infections, try consuming a cup of yogurt daily. Yogurt contains bacteria that work to fight against yeast infections.

Don’t use feminine hygiene products that are scented, like bubble bath or personal sprays. These items can all irritate the vagina and increase your risk of or worsen a yeast infection. Additionally, make sure your pads or tampons are not scented. You will heal more quickly if you avoid scented products.

Refrain from using scented products on the areas near your vagina. You might like the different scents, but these can lead to yeast infections. If you need something scented, apply perfume after you have showered and dressed.

If your yeast infections are exacerbated due to a new contraceptive, consult your physician about what to do. Oral contraceptives and some other methods of birth control have high levels of hormones that can alter the balance in the vaginal area. Seek help from your physician to try switching birth control pills and see if that can be the cure that you seek.

Tip: A high percentage of woman get yeast infection during times when the weather is hot. You may be surprised to learn that cures for yeast infections can be found right in your food pantry.

Be aware of any scrapes or scratches. Even the slightest of skin tears can increase your risk of getting a yeast infection. Things like sexual activity and using tampons are common causes. Exercise caution when doing both things. Refrain from having rough sex if you are prone to getting yeast infections.

If you spend time in a pool or sauna, always remove your damp clothing when done. Avoid wearing any wet clothing as it can promote yeast growth. After taking off wet clothes, dry off completely before dressing in dry clothing.

When you perspire a lot, it creates a warm and moist environment. Yeast will thrive in this environment. Choose clothes that are manufactured from natural fibers such as cotton. Moisture from sweat evaporates more easily as these fabric allow your clothing to breathe. You want to avoid synthetic fabrics like spandex, Lycra and nylon. These materials trap sweat and humidity.

Tip: Stay away from scented and/or caustic products. A lot of women use body wash and douches when washing their vaginal area.

Try bathing in colloidal oatmeal to relieve the itchiness and burning brought on by yeast infections. Colloidal oatmeal is oatmeal that has been ground and boiled to extract its healing properties. Put the oatmeal into the bath and enjoy. Taking an oatmeal bath can really give you some much needed relief from your troublesome symptoms.

Choose cotton underwear whenever possible. Synthetic panties are comfortable, but they can lead to yeast infections. Try to stick to cotton panties that allow your vaginal area some much needed air. This can prevent yeast infections from happening in the first place.

Try to determine the cause of the problem if you find yourself suffering from yeast infections on a regular basis. Although it is not always easy to discover an underlying cause, it can be done by looking objectively at your lifestyle. Yeast infections can be caused by contraceptive use, sexual encounters, clothing choices and diet.

Tip: A tampon should be used. While suffering from a yeast infection, it is of the utmost importance that you keep the area dry.

Do not choose scented tampons or pads. Scented products can increase the chances of developing a yeast infection. Unscented pads are the way to go when trying to prevent yeast infections.

You may be approaching this article for many different reasons. Perhaps you need to handle an existing infection, to stop another from developing, or you want to avoid them altogether going forward. No matter what, the advice in the article above will help you prevent and treat yeast infections in the future.


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